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Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathrooms or toilets in Johor and other tropical climate areas are exposed to significant levels of moisture. Even minor things such as an overflowing tub can cause major levels of humidity and excessive dampness. Frequently the bathroom also sometimes have old piping that may leak.

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Gap Waterproofing

Gaps between two surface should be sealed to prevent leakage of water. In the bathroom, you should always waterproof the gaps of your shower doors to prevent the structural bond of the shower doors to the wall from deteriorating

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Roof Waterproofing

In Johor, you can either waterproof your roof yourself or save yourself time, money, and problems by hiring our waterproofing experts to do it for you. You may be spending more money – but at least you will have the confidence of understanding that it was done right.

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Floor Waterproofing

Your floors last longer when waterproofing has been done to ti. Water seeping in between your tiles will slowly wear away the concrete beneath it and this in turn will result in the tiles possibly peeling off from the concrete below when under constant pressure.

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